Encouraging & supporting Youth Entrepreneurship through Volunteerism

Youth entrepreneurship gives young people the opportunity to chart their own destiny. Even if they don’t start a business, youth involved in entrepreneurship programs gains skills and becomes more innovative and effective employees.

Youth Volunteerism gives young people the opportunity to change the things they don’t like in community, while empowering themselves with valuable skills and experiences. In short, Youth Entrepreneurship and Volunteerism create an “If not you, who? If not now, when?” attitude, and that’s what connects them! When someone is volunteering, he has the opportunity to participate in various activities that are going to characterize his personality. He gets an internal power of “Yes I Can” mentality, absolutely valuable when you want to start your own business.

Volunteerism certainly teaches skills, such as team work, patience and focus on a specific cause. Furthermore, one develops leadership skills, which absolutely benefits him to start his own project. In the meantime, while volunteering, one actually cares about changing the world. Volunteer work expands understanding of other people’s lives. It gives a new view of the world and the problems within it, as it also points out how hard people are willing to work to solve those problems. These are the best and most important values for creating a company’s vision and goal. In addition, Volunteering tends to bring like-minded people together. A company can be started without money, but not without a network. Networks and relationships are the new currency.

Support yourself with passionate -like the volunteers- people around you and everything is possible! Last but not least, Volunteering teaches youth about respect for both themselves and their community. And without having this balance, it’s really difficult to succeed. Empowering Volunteerism, and Youth Entrepreneurship will be a definite outcome.

Summing up, volunteering is the first step of caring about the rest of the world and knowing you’ve made a difference in your community, will surely be a motivation. Youth entrepreneurship though, is the step forward, when you don’t just care and participate, but you have a leading position to create a better future for both you, and the society!

Has there ever been a better feeling than knowing you’ve changed the world for the best?


Written by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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