I don’t want to be an entrepreneur!

“Getting people who aren’t interested in entrepreneurship to be interested in entrepreneurship is like trying to convince a zebra that a the lion just wants to have a coffee”   Dewi

Next week is one of our regular roadshow events where we go out with a stall and try and convince young people why being interested in entrepreneurship, enterprise and starting your own business is a good thing. The problem is that we have them for 30seconds while they stuff down a free krispy creme doughnut and they have 21 years of negativity to overcome.

So we thought we would start off with the negatives. We designed a set of cards with each quoting one of 16 of the most common negative reasons we get. Students are required to choose one, fill in their email address on the reverse side, take a doughnut and politely leave before they spring on us any of their negativity. We then divide the cards back up in to their individual piles and respond with relevant answer and a small plea for them to attend our next event – less the doughnuts.

Our logic was simple:

  • Most students dont like entrperenuership
  • Most students do like doughnuts
  • We like entrepreneurship
  • Students like emojis
  • Students have lots of excuses
  • we have lots of answers.

So far results are very promising !!!

Take a look.

IMG_1689 IMG_1692

1 thought on “I don’t want to be an entrepreneur!

  1. Great idea to get a foot in the door! I also find that many people’s plan for self-employment is quite modest which makes them feel that ‘entrepreneurship’ is an awfully big word for what they want to do. I’ve met many people who prefer ‘business woman’, ‘business man’, ‘small business owner’ or just ‘self-employed’ as opposed to ‘entrepreneur’. Maybe they feel it has pretentious connotations?

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