It is confirmed. Many Spanish universities are promoting spin off programs that try to foster entrepreneurship among its members. “This usually occurs when two factors come together: a team of researchers willing to initiate a business and technology developed by them to compete globally,” argues Adriano García-Laygorri, director of Madri+d for Knowledge Foundation.

Eladio Crego, chief investment officer of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) indicates “spinoff programs support entrepreneurs during the phases of development of the idea, constitution of companies and consolidation.” To do this, start up incubators and nurseries for innovative companies are implemented. Also support services in the search for financing, intellectual property, etc.

For example, Maribel Berges, from Enterprises Centre Area of ​​the FBG of the University of Barcelona (UB), explains that “each project that comes to the department is assigned a consultant who guides the activities of the entrepreneurial team, from the definition of the business model to obtain public aid and private investment, through the drafting of the business and financial plan. They are also aimed at protecting the key to the creation of the joint technologies and the formalization of contracts with universities or possibly with other institutions if some of the required technology comes from other research. ”

New Stage

To Berges, the spin-off makes it possible that “some of the senior researchers can be partners of the company, with the possibility of making profits if successful.” Do not forget that it would only benefit sharing, because “you are not allowed to collect a salary from the company,” but states that “with the new regulations there are no longer limits to having a maximum of 10%” and they may enter the board.

Fernando Barrera, head of the Business Relations Department / Results Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), also points out that for the official recognition of a spin off to allow researchers to benefit from the benefits, ” three conditions must be met: to have a contract of technology transfer from the university to the company, the university recognizes the company as a spin-off of its own and that it has a stake in the share capital of the company ( It is not defined by how much), directly or through another entity (such as a university-company foundation) “.


* Source: Entrepreneur Magazine

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