Interviewing John Stefanidis

  1. What encouraged you to work on entrepreneurship in a young age? Was it an organization, a person, an event?
    Ever since I remember myself, I was interested in the process of creating goods and selling them. From a young age, I created and sold objects to my classmates. Growing up, neat and sophisticated branding, that makes you want to buy an object or service, fascinated me more and more.
  2. What did the University contribute to your entrepreneurship route, until this moment?
    I studied communication and lived abroad for several years. The most important thing I got out of it, was the way of thinking and analyzing, which helped me a lot in my future course.
  3. Incubators and seed finance: What is your experience and opinion as far as it concerns your project and Greece in general? is self-funded. We have no financial relationship with incubators or funds. We started from found.ation, where we turned our idea into business, with the help of various resources given to us.
  4. What Innovative training methods have you seen? How much did they help and which ones are worth mentioning?
    Because of my professional engagement in e-business, I have attended dozens of seminars on online marketing, lean business development etc.
  5. What initiatives have you seen or participated in that promote start-up communities? What’s your personal contribution to this?
    As I mentioned, started in Found.ation, where we made the necessary network and attended various seminars. Apart from this, we have presented our case in various other seminars, such as FastTrack Athens, Product Hunt Athens, OpenCoffee Athens, the University of Macedonia etc.
  6. Is there a start-up network in Greece? How active is it? Is there a true substance? What’s your personal contribution to it?
    There is an active start-up network, and general support to new startups. The most important thing though, is that the state currently isn’t giving motivation to founding such enterprises. This means that everyone, in fact, needs to be able by himself to achieve its objectives and make a difference in his field.
  7. If someone asked you a question about fundraising, what would it be and how would you answer?
    FFF. Friends – Family – Fools for start. Only when the business has serious income and proven market-fit, it makes sense to search for external fundraisers.
  8. Co-working spaces: opinion/ personal partnership, considering your route so far.
    We started from found.ation, where we developed our concept to business, with the help of various resources given to us.
  9. What’s your number one tool, if you had to pick, that made you and your project what you are today?Is hard work a tool?
    The most important asset is soft-skills, of which the most important, in my opinion, is being able to inspire.
  10. What’s the biggest need for a young entrepreneur at this time?
    Incentives from the state and stable political-economic environment.

    Interviewed by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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