Co-working spaces in Greece

Reposted from Startus, written by Demetrios Pogkas Coworking spaces are offering cheaper alternatives to offices for bootstrapping startups. But while the economic crisis has made renting an office in downtown Athens much more affordable, coworking spaces are offering extra value alongside space and accompanying services: the network of people and connections inside the community. Coworking … Read more

Interviewing Maria Arnaoutaki

What encouraged you to work on entrepreneurship in a young age? Was it an organization, a person, an event? An event about entrepreneurship gave me the spark, however the essential motivation came from the start up environment from which i started. What did the University contribute to your entrepreneurship route, until this moment? The university’s … Read more

Finance for start-up businesses in Wales

The Wales Micro-business Loan Fund is a Welsh Government investment through Finance Wales to support small and medium sized enterprises. The Fund is investing a total of £6 million in small loans until 2018, with £1 million ring-fenced for social enterprises looking to develop their revenue generating activities. The social enterprise element is managed by … Read more

Co-working spaces in Wales

Steve Morgan from Computer Recruiter Whether you’re self-employed, freelancing, working remotely or working full-time but have a few side-projects on the go, working from home can seem great at first, but the novelty can wear off pretty fast. The distractions at home (whether it’s the washing up or the video games console!) can lead to … Read more

Using social media to promote your business

Samuel Edwards Over the past few years, an interesting transformation has occurred in the business world. Social media has become less of an optional marketing opportunity and more of a priority. In fact, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become integral parts of brand awareness, content distribution, lead generation, and customer acquisition strategies for businesses. … Read more

Interviewing Dimitris Ntempos

What encouraged you to work on entrepreneurship in a young age? Was it an organization, a person, an event? It was not something specific, since I was a child I used to ‘snuggle’ in creative activities. Also I was trying to arouse the interest of other people too , such as bands ,basketball teams etc. … Read more

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