Interviewing Dimitris Ntempos

  1. What encouraged you to work on entrepreneurship in a young age? Was it an organization, a person, an event?
    It was not something specific, since I was a child I used to ‘snuggle’ in creative activities. Also I was trying to arouse the interest of other people too , such as bands ,basketball teams etc. When I was doing my Master, I was attracted by technology.
  2. What did the University contribute to your entrepreneurship route, until this moment?Apart from the fundamentals learning on ICP when I did not have a clue, I don’t think that I can find other relation between the things I was doing to the university and the things Ι experience while working at real market.
  3. Incubators and seed finance: What is your experience and opinion as far as it concerns your project and Greece in general?
    I think I am going to create a lot of projects like these in the next few years. In 2013, I participated for the very fist time to an incubator at Greece but unfortunately it was badly planned and materialized. I hope that as long as the situation is stabilizing, incubators are going to give more value to its participant. The ideal incubator has to offer clear access to seed finance too.
  4. What Innovative training methods have you seen? How much did they help and which ones are worth mentioning?
    Innovative training methods? What is that? Is there any possibility that I have done something like this and I don’t even know the title?
  5. What initiatives have you seen or participated in that promote start-up communities? What’s your personal contribution to this?
    Haha , I have already gone to several events from several communities . Horizontal, such as entrepreneurship and vertically, for example Java . The truth is I am a little bored of the first category due to the fact that I listen the same things over and over again. Personally, I participate and organize in tech event. In my opinion I believe they add more value to my community.
  6. Is there a start-up network in Greece? How active is it? Is there a true substance? What’s your personal contribution to it?
    Yes, start up network exists just because humans who are interested to this, exist. All of our everyday activities create networks, either active or less active, with healthy or not node. Personally, I try to ‘link’ people who have the same needs.
  7. If someone asked you a question about fundraising, what would it be and how would you answer?
    I would have told you: ‘Don’t begin before you already have customers or users’. Then you will have to go to the investor and persuade him/her that your idea is absolutely amazing. 
  8. Co-working spaces: opinion/ personal partnership, considering your route so far.
    They are places we all need. As a court is appropriate to those who want to play football, so important is co-working for people who are interested in dealing in groups with technology.  I have worked in several co-workings in Greece and my co-workers have helped me in different sections, from providing me free accommodation to mentoring.
  9. What’s your number one tool, if you had to pick, that made you and your project what you are today?Is hard work a tool?

    Trello over SCRUM.

  10.  What’s the biggest need for a young entrepreneur at this time?What a new entrepreneur needs is a stable fiscal and legal context for the next 10 years and then let him/her uneventful. He/she is going to find his/her way on his/her own way to success.

Interviewed by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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