Co-working spaces in Greece

Reposted from Startus, written by Demetrios Pogkas

Coworking spaces are offering cheaper alternatives to offices for bootstrapping startups. But while the economic crisis has made renting an office in downtown Athens much more affordable, coworking spaces are offering extra value alongside space and accompanying services: the network of people and connections inside the community.

Coworking Spaces in Athens:

  • The Cube: It’s the biggest coworking space in Athens. Situated in the Exarhia neighbourhood, it’s 5 floors host companies, meetups, hands-on workshops, hackathons, discussions and other events. It’s home to Openfund – one of the 4 JEREMIE funds – and several VC-funded (and not) startups. A lot of international talent is also working from The Cube.
  • Found.ation: As the new incarnation of 123P it’s considered to be the oldest coworking space in town. Situated in the Petralona neighbourhood, it hosts early- and later-stages startups as well as a few established companies. It organises events, meetups, presentations and other events, and also partners with renowned professionals to run a series of educational workshops under the Educ.ation brand.
  • Impact Hub Athens: The Greek chapter of the international Impact Hub network is located in the Psirri neighbourhood. It focuses on startups active in social change, environmental and educational entrepreneurship, as well as pure technology. It’s members have access to space, services and the global Impact Hub network. Impact Hub Athens is the organiser of the Social Impact Award Greece competition.
  • Stone Soup: Set up by the Appsterdam Greece founders, it’s home to engineers and developers working on new projects and trying to turn them into startups.
  • Hackerspace: Another space dedicated to the hackers and makers of this city.

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