Entrepreneurship has positioned itself as one of the most influential and booming employment alternatives in Spain. As a result, business incubators and accelerators have emerged in this country in the recent years, to help with advice, training and financing for startups. These are some of the most relevant ones:

15 best incubators_ accelerators


Intercom Group: Specialized in the creation and development of business related with the Internet. It has created over 45 companies since its inception in 1995, among with Injojobs or emagister.

Wayra: Startup´s accelerator of Telefonica. They are dedicated to promote startups and train them in academies and provide them funding for their projects being a success.

Yuzz: A company dedicated to look for young entrepreneurs, especially related to technology, to educate them and advise them on their business plan.

Lanzadera: It is a program launched by the President of Mercadona, Juan Roig, and they focus  on supporting new businesses in the financial field, basically.

Dad: Digital Assets Deployment is a company dedicated to the search for interested investors and capital for SMEs or projects with good prospects.

Conector: it is an accelerator dedicated to making mentoring between entrepreneurs and experts (mentors), to assist them in their projects.

Impact Accelerator: they are dedicated to finding startups at European level to train them, advise them and support their projects, mainly related to the Internet via mobile phone.

Evoluziona: an initiative related to leisure and culture and promoting the development of people in general.

Partizipa: it is a platform that seeks both investors looking for a business as entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a concrete idea.

Cloud incubator: its aim is to promote education in entrepreneurship and innovation in the ICT sector throughout Europe. They claim that Europe is formed in an entrepreneurial culture.

Impact Hub Madrid: it is a community of collaborative projects. Members include entrepreneurs, startups, investors, freelancers or artists.

Zarpamos: a pre-accelerator seeking to invest in entrepreneurs or new companies. All projects are related to Internet, Software, Web and mobile apps.

Everis: are dedicated to find startups and, beside investing in them and accelerate their growth, they seek to minimize the risks of the businesses.

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