Hamza B., Male, Age 21-25

1. Are you currently enrolled in a study program?  YES

a. If yes, what is your field of study?

First year Master degree in Health Product Management & Marketing

2. Using your own words how do you define Entrepreneurship?

I define entrepreneurship Exiting adventure full of teachings, learning and growth



3. Are you planning to start your own Business? Yes

If Yes

4. What motivate you to start a business?

There are several factors that motivates me to start my own business, a) I come from a

family where entrepreneurship is part of the culture; b) I also realized that, I’m not the type of

person who will work for some one else or in a large company, and this became truth over

the course of my internships.



5. Do you think you are well prepared to start your business?

My education has prepared me for 5 to 10% only.

6. What do you think is your biggest need and please state why?

a. Information: NO

b. Training: Yes, startup, how to transform an idea to business, how to

practically go from 0 to 1.

c. Investment: My business idea does not requires a huge investment

d. Financial support: I will need financial help that will take away ll the startup


e. Admin Support: We are not well prepared to deal with all the administrative

requirements to start and run a business in France.

f. Institutional Support

g. Government support: Yes, to lower the taxes for small business and

especially for young entrepreneurs

h. Resources: Human Resources: I would like to be surrounded by competent and

committed peoples that can help me develop the business.



7. What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid that my clients reject my business idea

8. Why are you afraid of that?

It will put an end to a dream and a long time project, based on need identification. It

will also raise my ability to transform a good idea to a business

9. If the concern is taken away what will you do?

I will take more risk and work really harder

10. What do you want to add

What I regret is the fact that there are many professors who are entrusted to teach

entrepreneurship, although they may be good academics, they never start a business in

their entire life and more over some of them never work in a company. I also had a

chance to have a professor who was using marketing materials that were more than 20

years old, when we mentioned new marketing approaches such as social media, e-

commerce etc. he refused to listen to us.


Questionnaire provided by ECLEE

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