Javier Perez owns his own business, FRITOPER, a family business of second generation. The business started 30 years ago and continues working leaded by Javier and his family. They produce and sell Potato chips, snacks and microwave popcorn. The company is the continuation of the former reputable Spanish brand Fritos Perez, founded in 1979.

Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

I think here in Valencia we have several initiatives and programs dedicated to entrepreneurship: Ajev, no more suits, shuttle, Valencia lab, las Naves…  But I don’t know the European situation so I can’t say if we are at the same level as other European countries.

The main problem that entrepreneurs have, in my opinion, is administrative difficulties, because it is too complex to start a business and understand how everything works, with practice time you understand but is not easy at the beginning.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

From my point of view, here we have a problem. Schools don’t promote entrepreneurship and universities do, but not very much. This could be improve with different initiatives and programs: for example, compulsory subject at high school, and not only entrepreneurial information but tax that any citizen has to pay, etc. This would lose the fear of embarking on the adventure.


Funding and money

Getting funds and money for your business is very difficult, especially if you don’t have enough guarantees for banks. Also awards or public funds can help, but in general there is no much information about all this. The info I can get is only about private funds of banks. I know something about business angels or venture capital businesses but I think there is no much info provided and accessible to everyone.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

The most important skills for an entrepreneur are perseverance and hard work. Obviously, entrepreneurs can and should be taught in many areas, but for me one of the most important ones is ethic and love for the daily work.

Also other topics should be covered by some kind of education or training such as how to organize, how to prioritize, knowing where failures and if not train you here, hire or outsource, legislation of any kind (labor, tax, etc.), basics of accounting and marketing. And above all know this stuff, what will be their business, knowing much, and not be ashamed of what you do not know, try to learn every day.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

Although I think this is something positive, I don’t have many info about these initiatives. This is something that should be more promoted.


Institutional and non institutional support

In my opinion, public sector doesn’t help and support enough entrepreneurship but private sector does. For example, local council and services, technological institutes… should promote and help more than they do right know. And of course, doing some initiatives in school will also help.

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