Carla is an entrepreneur who has been running her business with other partners since 2011. The business, Housedoit, was awarded as the best idea and project of the contest Reset Weekend, organized by Castellón Council and other public and private institutions. Later on in 2012 and, the idea was also awarded in other entrepreneurship contests and the partners gained some training and knowledge due to the participation in some training initiatives for entrepreneurs.

Finally, the business started in 2014, a business dedicated to design and giving services like specific training and market investigation.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

Besides its own initiatives as Operation Emprende undertook by AJEV, I know the events promoted by the Vite Community of the Valencia City Council and calls for accelerating as Shuttle, Plug & Play, Demium and BStartup. In the national framework, the movement generated from Matadero in Madrid and, now, from Google Campus.

On the other hand, and knowing deeply the world of product design and creative industries, contests and specific programs for launching new products and works of art are really well known in this field.

But in general, for entrepreneurship I think there is still a way to go to be put in place as a means of development of a career.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

At the level of education, in my own experience, there is a lot offer of quality and, in most cases, free courses. As regarding the implementation of y project, I was able to access two public credit lines (ENISA and ICO).

The main drawback has been the lack of business experience and, therefore, the resources consumed by the road while you acquire this experience … This, in most of the cases, can lead to the abandonment of the project or even go dangerously into debt.

The school (Domus) and high school (Ballester Gozalvo) who I attended, absolutely didn’t promote entrepreneurship. I studied Engineering in Industrial Design at the UCH-CEU and there they motivated entrepreneurship. But in the other hand, after University degree I studied a Master in Engineering Design at the UPV and again there, they didn’t promote at all entrepreneurship.

Promoting entrepreneurship from educational levels is a good initiative. I think this could be performed by normalizing the implementation of own projects and teams from an early age, integrating specific entrepreneurial teachers, incorporating experiences with companies in high school or modules, normalizing the option “sabbatical” Erasmus between companies before entering college or upper modules …

As concrete ideas and actions to be taken at education level, I will light up:

  • After-school activities directly related with self employment.
  • Subject or teaching tie devoted to entrepreneurship where young people can learn the implementation of their own projects.
  • Option to have a free year before entering college or higher modules to know by their own the activities of different businesses.
  • Summer camps.

For University:

  • Subject or teaching tie devoted to entrepreneurship where young people can learn the implementation of their own projects.
  • Practice / work in companies from the first year of studies.
  • Programs about entrepreneurship to lead to a final project, master or doctoral’s dissertations.
  • Summer camps.

I think innovation is a good idea when talking about teaching entrepreneurship. Montessori and Leinn are good examples.



Funding and money

In my opinion, the issue of money can be something easy sometimes, it depends on how much money you need, if you can offer guarantees, the reliability of what you’re proposing … I didn’t find it easier if you compare it to a company that is already established.

But in general I think there are several possibilities and options for funding, both private and public: ENISA, ICO, own financing, accelerators, and private investment channels. All of them are good and necessary, depending on the point where you are: incubators, launchers, credit lines from banks, business angels, …  Although from my perspective, it is difficult to get financial help and funds, but I think conditions are fair.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

For me, the entrepreneurship profile must include creativity, flexibility and perseverance. And the best methods to train an entrepreneur: practice, observation, analysis, trial and error.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

Coworking spaces are necessary for entrepreneurship development. We have several examples in Valencia as Vite of the City Council of Valencia and, in particular, communities that are generated naturally around Coworking spaces as WAYCO.

Obviously, this tool is useful if you are active. You can get contacts, companionship, experiences but maybe you lose your privacy


Institutional and non institutional support

We have both types of support in our society, but they can be improved much more. Society in general should help and support a little more entrepreneurship. For example, in education, it should be normalized somehow in the educational plans.

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