Carolina is a young entrepreneur who is running with the collaboration of his partner, Juan Kaszas, a business related to vegan cheeses. This idea came out from the third edition of “Operación Emprende”, an specific program for entrepreneurs leaded and organized by AJEV, where 25 selected business ideas receive training and mentoring to be developed completely and finally there are some prizes for the best ones, including financial support and other services for the project.

So, they are not running the business for along time but it works really well!

She has a good perspective of the needs of the entrepreneur as she has already go through all the process of having an idea and doing it real in the market in the last year.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

In comparison to other European countries, I don’t know what they do but I think the critical economic situation of Spain does it more difficult to undertake a new business here than probably in some other countries around Europe. However, we have some initiatives for young entrepreneurs here in Valencia, as Lanzadera and Operación Emprende.

One positive thing that we have is the possibility of generating synergies and making good contacts through all the economic and business network. I think we try to help each other more than they probably do in other countries. But legal aspects and high costs make it really difficult to start a new business.

Some good initiatives to promote entrepreneurship are, in my opinion: improving conditions for the legal creation and registration, giving some period of no tax payments when undertaking, and making faster procedures for licenses and other requirements.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

I’m not really informed of the situation and promotion of entrepreneurship at schools and universities. But I think that students should work on real situations to approach them to the real market and try to push an entrepreneurial spirit through them by developing specific projects where they can also improve their skills and business ideas.


Funding and money

Funding and money is a problematic issue. It depends mostly of the type of source you look for the money. Through Banks, getting funds may be possible. However there are always difficulties as a young entrepreneur who has no guarantees. By other sources as entrepreneurial institutions I see very very difficult, funding is one of the more difficult and not easy to access this funding, if not impossible.

Talking about other types of funding or other initiatives that help you to create your idea, incubators can help but only to generate the idea, as many times you can remain on paper.

In general, I think that private investment should be develop and promote deeply, but in my opinion, nobody wants to be involved in other’s businesses without guarantees or assuring their gain and profit.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

An entrepreneur is formed through life. You can try to teach/learn some useful skills, but others need to be there from the beginning. But obviously entrepreneur skills can be learn and entrepreneurship spirit can be develop through different activities. For example, real case exercises where students play the role of an entrepreneur can be a good idea to develop entrepreneurial skills.

And obviously, as each entrepreneur has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, each one knows what special skills or topics need to improve and practice.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

I don’t know too many associations or networks for entrepreneurs here in Valencia, only AJEV. But I think it is something to be promoted. Networking spaces are usually not free to use but they provide the opportunity to exchange experiences with other professionals, improving our performance and professional results.


Institutional and non institutional support

I think there’s not enough support for the entrepreneurs, neither from public or private sector. But I think here the public sector; especially the government at national level should play a more important role.

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