Hector is a new entrepreneur who has recently start his own business. He thinks there is a different way of doing exercise, related to parkour. And he wants to disseminate this in Valencia, as it is a type of exercise that is still to know. He has started recently the business so he can give a general overview of entrepreneurship form a close perspective.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

Here in Valencia we have several initiatives for entrepreneurs such as Emprenesport, ajev, shuttle, BICs, drives jove, enprenemjunts… but I think we are not at the same level as other European countries and he have a lot of work to do in the promotion of entrepreneurship. In general from my point of view, there is too little help and advice, not really personalized. A main objective in this field shpuld be giving personal advice and helping each entrepreneur to meet the desired objectives.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

Neither schools nor universities promote sufficiently entrepreneurship. A change in the educational system is needed and it should include more reflective learning, multidisciplinary techniques, guided search, giving value on more creative activities…

Also universities should promote entrepreneurship by learning through your own projects, eliminating exams for self-assessments, changing the layout of the classroom,…


Funding and money

Generally speaking, I think it is not easy to find funds and financial guidance and help. In Spain, banks are the first way of financing new business whereas in other countries are investors and other businesses that help entrepreneurs. To me I’m finding it much easier to request funding to banks than getting financial advice or private sector investment.

For me, business angels in Valencia or Spain have been impossible to access, they have no way to communicate with. Also launchers are not very popular or accessible. I only know the one of Mercadona, but many contests do not give you feedback on your project and many of them just take what they believe appropriate.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

The most important thing for an entrepreneus should be ther passion you have in your business and having good values ​​behind, self confidence and  never wanting to stop learning and being innovative.

Motivation, information and training are key for success and also never stop learning by yourself.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

Co-workings and nwtworkings for entrepreneurs are good as they offer events and workshops, but they should offer more facilities to contact them

Institutional and non institutional support

Entrepreneurs don’t have enough support from private and public sectors in Spain. There a lot to do in this field.


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