Nacho is a recent entrepreneur who is willing to continue with the family business. He needed to start as self employed to run the business and has found out many difficulties in the way. And more on, continuing with a business that was already running has its own problems.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

In general, from my own experience, I think that here in Valencia and in Spain there is a lack of accessibility to financing resources and working spaces for young entrepreneurs. I know some initiatives (by the City Council) but I think we don’t have enough promotion, actions, programs,… and, in general, an entrepreneurial mindset.

For me, the most important difficulties are the ones related with legal aspects and taxes that new entrepreneurs have to pay. I think we are in a really bad position comparing our rate for being self employed with other countries in Europe. Even if we don’t compare, administrative cost for being self employed are so high that many times this is the reason for not starting a new business.

What is more, I think that here in Spain we lack of a real entrepreneurial perspective. We focus only in businesses, firms and societies but we need to develop all the things related with self employment. And of course, universities should do more.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

Some universities include in their educational curricula subjects related to professional careers: from how to make invoices to business plan and project management. This could be a good option that already works at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in social science careers.

Also from school or high school there are some initiatives that can be implemented to promote entrepreneurship:

– Supporting creative projects

– Encouraging teamwork

– Encouraging self-esteem and personal motivation


And at University:

– Learning the basics of accounting and taxation

– Encouraging the formation of associations and working groups

– Supporting students projects


Funding and money

This is one of the most significant problems for entrepreneurs. I don’t know if it is only lack of information and communication of all the possibilities and types of funds or even that they don’t really exist. Maybe we have both problems.

But I guess that for example incubators or business angels can play an important role from now to the future on business development and promotion of entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to be interested in what you are doing. Obviously this is something that should be always met for all entrepreneurs but sometimes you need to go on a business just because you don’t have any other way of life, then the advantage of having this interest, this “pushing motivation”… you don’t have it.

But of course, there are skills and knowledge an entrepreneur should know that can be trained.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

Networks can be a useful tool for entrepreneurs and new businesses. Also Coworking spaces, although I have to say that I have used them and I found them a little expensive.


Institutional and non institutional support

From my point of view, I found more public support tan private one. But both, established companies, associations of entrepreneurs and government should support eagerly entrepreneurship. Basically, we have lack of information most of the times.

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