José Miguel, with Business Degree and a huge experience and knowledge art he business and entrepreneurship sector, is CEO and founder of “Accesible, SL”, a business dedicated to the consultancy for people with any disability.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

In my opinion, our main goal related to entrepreneurship is developing the private sector. We have lack of private financial support. At this point we are not at the same level as other European countries.

It is not the same for the public sector, here I think we are doing well. What is more, we have lots of initiatives, associations and other programs such as  AJEV, Looper, ICSE, VLC Business, Inndea, Booster, BICs, Plug & Play, Capazia …

And obviously, here in Spain we have some factors that can lead to increasing entrepreneurship in comparison with other countries, as the good weather, the cost of living and university networks. But we still have the lack of a strong business network.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

Although I think that entrepreneurship could be eagerly promoted at school or university, I don’t see this as a priority in this field. I think that we should better promote the creation of a business “lobby” of startups and businesses, customers and users.

However, I would try to implement different initiativesat schools and universities: visits of entrepreneurs  explaining their own situation,  creating an entrepreneur check that would help students to invest in those projects they consider as most promising startups, summer Camp for entrepreneurs, bank of ideas for entrepreneurs…

There are some good intiatives nowadays at university level, as Santander, but insufficient. Anyway, a system that promotes teaching through “thinking” instead of teaching through “studying” should be implemented.


Funding and money

It is not easy to get moeny for a new business, sometimes seeking funding is really time-consuming and it would be better for the entrepreneur to dedicate this time to the productive activity of the company.

We have different sources of fundings but still “family, friends and fools” comes at first stage. But we also have loans, bank credits, mortgage, venture capital, business angels, equity loans, crowdfunding …

We also have some competitions, big ones and other smaller all over the country, with Money prizes but I think that instead of making us competing for a prize it should be cmore interesting and productive to collaborate and put efforts together to distribute funds among a larger number of projects.

Incubators offer support on training and advisory, and they greatly increase the chances of success of a company in the incubation period where the entrepreneur must develop the concept of the project and validate that the product can operate on the market (a phase that can last up to three years).

Also launchers are important and help to open doors and establish contacts with other companies in the sector. Most accelerators/launchers usually take a share of the company in which they invest. Hence, it is necessary to assess what gives that platform, in addition to the capital.

We also have microloans for entrepreneurs. It consists on small loans to entrepreneurs, always individually, that cannot access the traditional banking system because they lack the guarantees and assurances required. this grant is elated to the entrepreneurial capacity of the beneficiary, who has to start his own company with the funds obtained and create his/her own self-employment. The granting of this type of financing is based on trust, both in the person himself and their entrepreneurial capacity, and the economic viability of the business project and not on guarantees and collaterals.

Talking about money we can’t miss the business angels. They know the business world, they are passionate about new ideas and invest time and money in those with future potential, bringing their knowledge and networking together with the entrepreneur, which can facilitate the entry of capital into the various stages of funding, but in my opinion this should not be the financial key of a business.

We have also public funds manage by private banks, such as ICO credit lines.

But in general, despite all these possibilities, it is difficult to find money for the business. And the main problem is that most of the times they don’t evaluate the idea or project itself but look only for guarantees.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

An entrepreneur is done by the way of developing the project. You are always learning. Of course, there will always be people who have an easier learning but with effort everyone can achieve an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude.

For being a good entrepreneur there are also some characteristics needed: cold blood, sacrifice and resilience. And a good entrepreneur should practice public speaking, organizing activities, leadership, languages, strategic and management skills and negotiation,


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

Capazia is a community of entrepreneurs led or co-led by people with disabilities.

I think networks are really important but sometimes many of these initiatives lack of continuity. The same for Coworking spaces, good initiatives but in this case they lack of organization.


Institutional and non institutional support

My general perspective is that we need to do more on private and public sector to promote entrepreneurship.


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