Patricia is a young entrepreneur that wants to start her own business. She has the confidence and the willing but she is finding difficult to start and put her idea into reality as she has no income or savings to start, and getting financial aid is becoming the key to run the business.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

I know different institutions and organizations here in Valencia dedicated to entrepreneurship and I can say I have contact them and participate in different events, workshops or lectures they organized. I know some others but I still haven’t contact them or visit their websites so this is something I have in mind.

The ones I know are Impulsa-T, AJEV and Valencia Emprende, one public and the two others are private services.

I do not know how the system and network for entrepreneurs works in other EU countries. But I know the situation of self employment and there I can say that in Spain we have bad conditions. Here we have more higher fees and taxes for being self employed tan in the rest of EU. I think the most appropriate measure should be to pay taxes and social security fees according to profits.

The main difficulties I found in my own situation is that I got really not very good experiences when looking for advice from institutions. Only in one of them I had a time where the staff there explained me a lot of thinks and gave me good advice.

And from my point of view, many of the aids and grants are for already existing businesses.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

I think there is some content related to the working world in high School and last years of School as well, but I’m not sure of the effectiveness. I think Young people needs more information, training and knowledge on this issue, in general. Perhaps the lack of interest is also due to age.

In professional education you can see that they have specific subjects related to entrepreneurship. It seems more complete. I have had the opportunity to have this training and I’m pretty happy with it. Although I must admit that now that I try to start my business, I see how complicated it really is and this is a bit discouraging.

I have no experience either directly or indirectly with universities and I can not comment about it.

I think it’s a problem of initial approach. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneur concepts relate directly to people with high income, people who have a family support that gives them confidence.

When I told the people around me my idea of ​​the future, the message I get is generally “you’re aiming for too much.” When I express my opinion openly, about how bad it is the rate of fees the self-employed have to pay and talk about some specific obstacles with which I have encountered, some people answer me, that otherwise many people would take advantage of system for their own benefit, but I don’t see it this way.


Funding and money

If the intention is to get credit from the bank … of course it is easy to find money for your business, obviously, just in case you have some type of guarantee to offer. If you don’t have this or support from your family or a job that provides you incomes to pay back the credit… then it is really difficult to get a credit from the bank.

There are other forms of financing but I’m not familiar with them yet. I read annual aid offered by various institutions and public services, where people  must meet a number of requirements to access them that seem not really difficult but I have also read and heard many experiences of people with the requirements, and the aid did not arrived even when approved

The last few months I have been collecting the more information the better, with everything related to the entrepreneurship, and although I have found many useful things, I find it all a great mountain. In my case, I have not found enough resources to undertake.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

Entrepreneur: born or made? I think there is a 50% that has to do with the personality of the person. But on the other hand, if you give many facilities to a person to be an entrepreneur, this person will be able to develop certain skills that should be useful to undertake a business. So, both of them.

But motivation plays an important role. I think it’s easier to motivate a person who wants to be an entrepreneur, tan to encourage a person who has the necessary skills but does not want to take advantage of them. And self confidence, this is also important.

And being professional.  It is important to be professional in your business. For example, I am a photographer and the priority for me is to make professional photo shoots. Currently, on-line sales, marketing and social networks are an important topics and fields and entrepreneurs must be updated all the time. And of course, an entrepreneur must know sales techniques and other fields of a business.




Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

I have no personal experience with communities of entrepreneurs, associations, networks or anything like that. I know they exist and I will surely be a part of some of them shortly.

By the moment I think they should be more open to everyone. Sometimes I found an interesting event and although it seemed freely open, it was prepared or focused to people close to the organizers and I felt out of place.

But of course, being an entrepreneur goes hand by hand with networking. You can get advice, contacts and different kinds of help.

Institutional and non institutional support

Definitely, there is not enough support to entrepreneurs. At least and from what I have experienced, not form the public sector, that should be more involved in this issue.

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