CEO and founder of Coto Consulting, where he leads teams to develop studies on consumer behavior and new ideas for the Retail sector. He is also an advisor of several associations, federations, shopping centers and commercial urban area SMEs.

Director of ASUCOVA (Association of Supermarkets of Valencia) representing  Valencian business related to food as Mercadona, Consum, Masymas Fornes, Masymas Soriano and Musgrave / Dialprix. Member of the Board of the Valencian Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJEV) and responsible for the commission of Marketing of the Association of Consulting Valencia (AECTA).

As a young entrepreneur, he is committed to the creation of companies with soul and social commitment, and for so, he offers and gives lectures on topics of entrepreneurship, innovation and motivation.


Talking about initiatives of entrepreneurship

The City Hall has some initiatives here in Valencia for entrepreneurs in general, offering different types of contests, grants and free courses. But in the other hand, I think they lack of knowledge of the real market and also the help for consolidated entrepreneurs.

I also know AJEV as one of the leader associations focused in entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship at school and university

The promotion of entrepreneurship is very poor in this sector. They started some years ago with some initiatives, but still need to do much more in this field.

It would be great if departments at university could work in research and teaching specific knowledge about entrepreneurship. Moreover, facilitating and encouraging projects with private enterprises would be a good idea.

Nowadays we have already some initiatives as talks of entrepreneurs at schools or university, some specific courses at university or contests they organize. And there are also some specific Universities that specially promote entrepreneurship, as EDEM. For me, the best practice Will be real entrepreneurs talking about their own experience.


Funding and money

Talking about investment and Money, I don’t think we have a great situation. In general terms, it’s difficult to get investment and Money for business. The main tool here is private funding from Banks.

In Valencia and Spain we also have incubators, launchers, business angels, venture capital institutions… For me, incubators and launchers work well but I have not the same feeling with business angels and venture capital institutions.

We have also some public grants that are specific for entrepreneurs and new businesses, but I think they are not easy to access to.


Entrepreneur´s best profile

For me, the main characteristics and skills that an entrepreneur should have are capacity of analysis, business vision, creativity, management and organization, leadership, emotional intelligence. And the main areas a business man should control are: administration and finance, strategy and marketing, leadership, emotional intelligence.

The entrepreneurship attitude is something that can be achieved. Some activities that could help on this are: stimulating creativity, conflict resolution, teamwork, strategic plan through games.


Co-workings and entrepreneurship networks

They are really important for entrepreneurs. We have some specific co-workings and other specific services that could help as well.

The only bad thing I can say about networking is that people usually use this tool for selling and increasing their own profit, and nobody wants to buy to others.


Institutional and non institutional support

Neither the public sector nor the private sector support sufficiently entrepreneurship, in my opinion. The government here in Spain, in its different levels (cities, counties,…) should have more initiatives and other facilities for entrepreneurs.

And also the educational sector should be more open to entrepreneurship, leading collaboration with all agents to promote entrepreneurship in their institutions.

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