Questionnaire 2

Mouad B., Male, Age 15-20

1. Are you currently enrolled in a study program?  YES,

I’m enroll at “Ecole 42” a school started by the founded of FREE telecom in France

a. If yes, what is your field of study?

First year computer science

2. Using your own words how do you define Entrepreneurship?

I define entrepreneurship as taking risk, getting out of your comfort zone, and more

freedom in doing things your way and how and when you want them.



3. Are you planning to start your own Business? Yes

I already created an Internet base company while in high school

4. What motivate you to start a business?

There are several factors that motivates me to start my own business, a) I come from a

family where entrepreneurship is part of the culture; b) Having my independence and

also to earn my own money. To sum up, I will say that the need for freedom is the

biggest driver for me.



5. Do you think you are well prepared to start your business? 

Not at all. You do not have entrepreneurship programs in high school. I went out and find

my own trainings on the internet…

6. What do you think is your biggest need and please state why?

a. Information: No, at this point, when I started yes

b. Training: Yes, startup, how to transform an idea to business, how to

practically go from 0 to 1.

c. Investment: My business idea does not requires a huge investment

d. Financial support: I will need financial help that will take away ll the startup


e. Admin Support: I wish I had all the information’s that existed on the

administrative burden to run a business, please keep in mind I’m young

and sometime we do not always understand certain terms used by the

admin. IT would have been better for me to have some one deal with my

admin issues while I was focusing on developing the business, especially

that the business was generating around 3000 euros per month.

f. Institutional Support

g. Government support: Yes, to lower the taxes for small business and

especially for young entrepreneurs

h. Resources: Human Resources: I would like to be surrounded by competent and

committed peoples that can help me develop the business.



7. What are you afraid of?

I’m don’t really know if I’m afraid of something

8. Why are you afraid of that?


9. If the concern is taken away what will you do?


10. What do you want to add

It will be nice to have one stop shop specialized for youth. When I was in high school, I

visited few incubators and I was rejected because, they were looking for more

businesses or startup ideas that seems to have a future, in my case I was young, in high

school, and unfortunately I was not taken seriously. Nevertheless I had to do it on my

own and finally the business was generating 3000 euros/month. And today thanks to this

business venture I can pay part of my schooling with. We need more center specialized

for youth.


Questionnaire provided by ECLEE

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