Interview with Laura Smith – Lekpets, Pet furniture designer

Which one of these best describes you?

Early Planning Stage




Briefly describe your business

Bespoke modular pet homes designed to be stackable giving pet owners freedom to expand and grow their pet homes, giving their pets more space and increasing their happiness.

Briefly describe your education

Degree in Product Design MSc in Advanced Product Design


What made you decide to work for yourself?

I enjoy designing and making my own products, and seeing them grow from concept to being in the market.


Did you receive any kind of business support from your school, college or university ?

Yes / NO


What was this?

The school of Art and Design began an incubation space for artists and designers, having access to workshop facilities and studio space


What was the most valuable piece of advice you were given?

work hard and be confident in your idea and you’ll be fine

What was the most difficult aspect to starting/running a business?

convincing my friends and family sticking with it even when things get difficult and people around you tell you to give up


Do you know what a business incubator and accelerator programme is?


Have you participated in either ?



Where was this?

Cardiffmet business incubator and School of art and design art incubator

Simplodoideas accelerator programme

Have you received any support from the Welsh Government?



What was this?



If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting a business, what would it be?

It’s going to be hard, especially at the beginning, but it will be worth it in the end


What do you think business support in Wales is lacking?

Finance for new start ups

Role models, industry mentors

Ideas generating workshops

121 support

skills workshops

affordable premises

networking events

post start-up support


Thanks Laura !!!

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