Encouraging youth entrepreneurship

They say that “You can’t use tomorrow’s battles with yesterday’s mindset”, and that’s the reason it’s more crucial than ever to encourage the new generation to be more active with entrepreneurship and lead this race.

First of all, we have to agree that entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

It’s not just the enjoying the success part, but ut includes a lot of tough days. The most of them actually.

Then why? And mainly how we are going to inspire this new generation to become entrepreneurs?
First of all… Show them that it’s not as that crazy as they think,
The most of the young people don’t even think this path, because they feel lost even in the idea. Our aim is to build this gap. How?
A way can be to get them know successful case studies. Not the crazy ones that they can’t get connected. But from stories that they could say “It could be me!”

Second. The people on young age want to do what their friends do. And especially what they can do together! + They like to play & Win.
Organising Entrepreneurship competition only for youth ages could make all the process fun & friendly for them.
Make them work as a team, as they could do for everything else, they can see this perspective of the startup life.

Last but not least, show them the mentality. That entrepreneurship is something more than just the fame and the money/ It’s about the beauty of creation and solving problems.
Give them the opportunity to imagine how they can be the ones who can change the world and impact others as well.

Youth is the future, and we must support and empower them to understand what afraids them, so that we can speak and present it in their own language!

Written by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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