Promoting startup communities

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Every startup has double impact.

Firstly, the impact of the aim of the project. Simultaneously though, it is an example in how a team of people who decide to work together to reach a mutual goal, can really do it, no matter what budget or network they have.
The second part of impact is something that has to be said.
Entrepreneurship isn’t only reputation and money, its how you solve a problem that isnt only yours, but everyones.
Thats what needs to be heard- the humanitarian side of it.
How? That’s a good question.
It’s surely not a secret that the community of startuppers,consists mostly of … startuppers. So, as much as they communicate about their actions and impact, the real news stays right in betweenthem.
To give a message, it must be in a recognisable, by the audience, form. So, we must think about who we want to follow the startup community and who we want to be affected by its impact.
If we want the this audience to be the youth, we must go to schools and start speaking in their language, by their rules. If we want the community to be university students, this must be done in events, where not only they will be informed, but motivated too.
But, the secret is not only to do this for the “looks”, but because we really want the community to grow in order to open more horizons, more ideas and have a bigger community and of course, a bigger impact.
So, this is the time we have to open up our community, not only to startuppers, but to all youth that seeks motivation, aiming to unleash their potential changemaker attitude.
Written by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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