An entrepreneurial university aims to give support to innovative enterprises creation. It contributes to the economic and social development of a territory, which is one of the most important values for a university. Such is the case of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 1992 was created the INSTITUTO IDEAS, as the institution charged with … Read more


Florida Universitaria is a higher, technical and business educational institution, where postgraduate, university, VET courses, secondary education, continuous training and language courses are provided. It is an innovative and dynamic institution, aware of company and societal needs, in which training for youngsters and professionals is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow them … Read more


After interviewing a sample of new entrepreneurs, young people willing to start their own business and consolidates business men and women, here we want to summarize some of the results and statements we can get from all the interviews.   Motivation and factors involved in entrepreneurship Most of the people interviewed, pointed out that the … Read more

Interview with KB age 41

Are you currently enrolled in a study program? No Using your own words how do you define Entrepreneurship? It’s the capability to create value from an idea in order to address a need into a defined market. Capability in an economical system to build from scratch an offer to address a need. Training Are you … Read more

Supporting artists and designers in business

Every year I get at least 200 students and graduates come to me for business advice. More than half of these come from are from the creative industries. My relationship with the Art community is one of mixed feelings. As a former Graphic designer, I myself come from this world and I’m constantly amazed by … Read more

Next stop Athens

Last thoughts before Athens Only 2 weeks away from my YETI Project meeting in Athens. It feels like a lifetime since my visit last year. If we can only achieve half of what we did last time I’ll be happy. The response was fantastic, the ideas being presented were so unique and viable I would … Read more

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