Startup networks & fundraising

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people working together. ”
Imagine the power and the connections of one, multiplied by the number of the startups he’s in contact with! Boom!

There’s a reason why networking has become such a crucial part of the startup life. But this is not as simple as it sounds. It’s not just about how many startups you know, it’s also about the relationship you have with them. It’s similar with how many people you know and which ones are your real friends. Because only your real -startup- friends are the ones that are going to really support you! As it’s impossible to meet all the key players of the market and attend all the important events. That is when you need to know that maybe you are not there personally, but your close startup friend X, is going to attend and if he hears something useful for you he’s going to tell you about it.
It’s about the power of connectors and not only how many doors are going to be opened for you, but at the same time, with how many people you are going to get connected.
Why? Because he believes in your project and it’s impact, but at the same time, knows that you were going to do the same for him.
So the next time a friendly startup will ask for your help, don’t see just the short image, but focus on how you can build in this relationship for mutual benefits.
Because it doesn’t matter how many funds you will run for, the ones that someone else endorses you, are the ones that make the difference.

Keep calm & Keep (Good) Networking!
It may become much more profitable than you could have ever though about!

Written by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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