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Last thoughts before Athens

Only 2 weeks away from my YETI Project meeting in Athens. It feels like a lifetime since my visit last year. If we can only achieve half of what we did last time I’ll be happy. The response was fantastic, the ideas being presented were so unique and viable I would have invested right there! However, this trip will be less about start-ups and more about continuing business support and growth which according to our research, is in high demand in other parts of Europe.

Accelerators, Mentors and fast growth programmes…

.. are the new inwords in the business start-up community. You might have read my previous blog post about accelerator programmes and incubators. Programmes such as the UK’s princes trust mentoring/ambassador programme have found great success since its beginning. We know that entrepreneurs listen to other entrepreneurs and we also know that young entrepreneurs (YE’s) have an incredible ability to inspire other young people. The problem we face is how do we turn young entrepreneurs into efficient trainers and give them the necessary tools and infrastructure in order to deliver this training? Add in a splash of ‘limited time commitments’ and its a difficult scenario.

So what lies in store for us at Athens?

Half the yeti team will now focus on designing the train the trainer materials. The other half will continue building the infrastructure of support for the YE’s and developing an accelerator programme. The challenge will be to develop an accelerator programme that multiple (and un-connected ) trainers in different fields can contribute towards, whilst still maintaining a coherent programme for the participants.

Dewi Gray

Co-ordinator – YETI Project

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