Interview with KB age 41

  1. Are you currently enrolled in a study program? No
  2. Using your own words how do you define Entrepreneurship?

It’s the capability to create value from an idea in order to address a need into a defined market.

Capability in an economical system to build from scratch an offer to address a need.


Are you planning to start your own Business? No

Do you think you are well prepared to start your business? No

What do you think is your biggest need and please state why?

Information __________________Yes

Training _____________________Yes

Investment ___________________Yes

Financial support _____________Yes

Admin Support _______________Yes

Institutional Support ___________Yes

Government support __________Yes

Resources ____________________Yes

My education from my parents to my teachers and school never mentioned entrepreneurship.


  1. What are you afraid of?

Building a model without considering taxes and other un-planned fees that would break down the dynamic. Spend too much time on admin versus business

Why are you afraid of that?

Because administration may cause bankrupt and weakness in the future development of the initiative

If the concern is taken away what will you do?

I will go forward

What do you want to add

I personally think that every one should at least be given a chance to try entrepreneurship, please don’t ask me why, because the only think I know for many people around me entrepreneurship is a mystery



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