Florida Universitaria is a higher, technical and business educational institution, where postgraduate, university, VET courses, secondary education, continuous training and language courses are provided. It is an innovative and dynamic institution, aware of company and societal needs, in which training for youngsters and professionals is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow them to successfully participate in new business, professional and social contexts.


They point out:“A person with an entrepreneurial profile, is a person who doesn’t find an obstacle as a problem that prevents them from achieving their objective, but sees it as a challenge, and even an opportunity.”

Having to change, overcome obstacles, manage emotions and have interpersonal skills are daily importance, both professionally and personally. To know how to manage them is essential. So, how can we learn how to do it?

We have long been involved in the educational path, acquiring theoretical knowledge while our skills are quickly eroded and hindered. It has become a problem where our optional, artistic, human and even associative qualities/skills, are hidden and blocked.


Doctors, dentists, lawyers, technicians,.. they are professions in which it’s possible to develop your academic career and get the knowledge needed. But, how should I find my professional opening/possibility? Are we able to recognize opportunities?


It wasn’t that long ago when only a few people in society were capable of finding opportunities in different fields. Not only the big ones such as Steve Jobs (Apple founder), Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Chupa Chups creator, but also people with whom we share our daily lives. People who have seen a problem as a challenge and have found an opportunity.


How do we learn? Who teaches us? What if we fail during our personal and professional development?


In the educational frame, we are noticing the change. People say: “a degree doesn’t provide professional openings, the person provides a professional opening for the degree”.


For this reason, Florida Universitaria is providing programs focused not only on acquiring personal skills within the theoretical knowledge (throughout integrated projects in their Superior Grades), but is also daring with entrepreneurial degrees that educate in different fields and continents. This is the LEINN degree (Entrepreneurial leadership and innovation Degree).


Students are taught to efficiently lead the creation of new enterprises and manage entrepreneurial projects. They have the preparation to work in a global and multilingual world, thus contributing to the knowledge society and the key competitiveness of innovation.


Furthermore, Methodology LEINN is based on the development of skills and competences rather than on the acquisition of knowledge. It is focused on the student, he is the only main character and with his team selects what type of projects, as well as how to develop them.


LEINN is a degree aimed at real entrepreneur learning 100% from the first day, where students generate a local impact from a global point of view, thanks to the self-financed international trips they experience every year.

These training trips have two reasons and objectives: the learning process and the project development.

It should also be noted the learning process that the students experience, they are mentored and guided in their adventure over 4 years by experts in various fields: entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, internationalization, innovations, leardership and customer focus.

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