An entrepreneurial university aims to give support to innovative enterprises creation. It contributes to the economic and social development of a territory, which is one of the most important values for a university.

Such is the case of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 1992 was created the INSTITUTO IDEAS, as the institution charged with the Creation and Development of Enterprises.


Instituto Ideas has boosted more than 400 companies and promoted a large number of projects and collaboration, within a national and international context.

Its services are addressed to innovative, technologic and spin-offs projects/companies and they are calling entrepreneurs, businesspeople, researchers and all those people interested in promoting and giving value to the entrepreneurial culture in Valencia.

There is a big range of services offered by Instituto Ideas:

Dissemination of Entrepreneurial culture through events organization.

Consulting and support for enterprises creation

Formation for Entrepreneurs

Consulting for Entrepreneurs Support Entities

Co-working spaces for Startups


Amongst all programs, it’s important to highlight:


 week emprende  start upv
An intensive and free course addressed to all those people with entrepreneur spirit that aim to learn how to make happen their business ideas.


3 days of intensive course, where students work with the method “learn by doing” and in a collaborative and effective way.


DAY 1. Startup culture. MBC & Lean Canvas. Bootstrapping

DAY 2. Customers’ validation. Empathy map. Customer guidance

DAY 3. How to prepare a pitch. How to prepare a good presentation. Projects presentation.


Program that connects entrepreneurs with the University and allows to merge the entrepreneur spirit with the talent of the Polytechnic University.


The University provides to entrepreneurs, startups, students, advisors and mentors co-working spaces where they carry out their initiatives and business projects.


The DAY ZERO is the session where all projects and enterprises apply for the StartUPV spaces. Applicants have 15 minutes to present their projects.



 concurso universitario teamer up
The Universitary Entrepreneur Competition Startup 2K16 awards 4 categories with a total of 16.000 euros. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs with the objective of creating teams with a high potential and performance. It is addressed to:

–          People with a project who need a “dream team”.

–          Entrepreneurs with ideas who look for projects.



For more information, visit the page INSTITUTO IDEAS.

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