Lately there are so many programs addressed to the boost of entrepreneurship and to encourage young people to create and develop their ideas.

This first phase is very important to create the proper environment of innovation and to give power to startups.

But we shouldn’t forget the next phase. Next phase involves all those startups that have reached the optimum level that allows them to keep growing. But attention! It doesn’t mean that the work is done and that they will keep growing alone. With a lack of advices on time these startups can come to a standstill and jeopardize their success.

There are growing programs that cover these necessities and that are addressed to those companies (maybe not startups anymore) that have reached a balance at their business and need to keep up and, of course, continue to raise.

In this line, a new program has been launched in Valencia Spain. OPERACION CONSOLIDA.



It is new initiative developed by AJEV that aims to boost consolidation in young companies in a growth phase. The project provides young entrepreneurs a free and innovative training program. Experts from different fields act as mentors and offer access to new formulas to enhance the business.

The main objectives of OPERACION CONSOLIDA are:

– Boost the consolidation and growth of companies as generators of economic and social wealth.

– Provide the keys and practical ideas to consolidate companies.

-Identify young companies in the growth phase and recognize their talent.

– Sensitize business sector to the necessity of address efforts towards consolidation.

– Promote stable employment.


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