Encouraging youth entrepreneurship

One of the challenges we must face, is how to not destroy the creativity and the imagination of the new generations.

It’s the sad truth, that as we grow up, we lose the power of believing that we can change the world.

One of my favourite quote, that leaded us in our first steps of GloVo, was that:

“In the mind of an amateur, there are thousands of possibilities, in the mind of a professional only a few.”

What if we empowered the new generations, with all the needed tools and knowledge, to implement their craziest dreams and find solutions in world problems.
Every now and then, we always listen about an under18 amazing child that created a new revolutionary tool.
If we created the right mentoring program, connecting these magnificent youths, with more experienced people, open to new ideas and giving them all the resources they needed.

Education is a powerful tool if we use it right.
Lessons of creativity and open thinking, as long as entrepreneurship are definitely needed.
Why limit this kind of opportunities only to a few children and not offer this chance to the majority of the new generation.
It’s not only the top of the entrepreneurs that is needed, but medium level as well that the children can connect direct to.

Show them that there is a third road, something other than further studies and working in the public or private sector. There is the creating of your own path – and making this world a better place through innovative solutions.


Written by Kostapanos Miliaresis

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