Ouishare, the think and be-tank for a collaborative society

OuiShare is a global community that was founded in January 2012 in Paris with the mission of building a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.

In 5 years, Ouishare has evolved and expanded, involving people from Europe, North, Latin America and the Middle East. Powered by a network of OuiShare Connectors who lead projects and activities, its main hubs are Paris, Barcelona, London, Munich, Montreal and Rio.

Ouishare has built an international collective that works to develop different activities around the world:

*THE MAG: Ouishare Magazine is the space where the community shares innovative things happening in the Collaborative Economy in Europe and beyond.

* RESEARCH PROJECTS: OuiShare develops and implements research programs in partnership with leading think tanks and academia to better understand the social and economic transformation brought about by communities and the collaborative economy.

*COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: OuiShare connects people from different fields and backgrounds from over 50 countries through meetups and online discussions.

* PROJECT ACCELERATION: Thanks to their knowledge, network of international experts and initiatives in innovation camps, Ouishare accelerates early stage projects, such as POC21, OuiShare Fest Forward and Eco2Fest.

* EVENTS: festivals and conferences, such as OuiShare Fest. 

Take a look to their agenda and take a look at the events that will take place in your city.



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