This year, the 6th Coworking Spain Conference will take place on 11th-12th May 2017 in Seville. The event will gather national and international speakers and experts in the matter.

Each participant will show the reality of this new way of collaborative work, not only at present but the future trends. As a preview of the conference, the speeches will be focused on:

– Currently coworking situation around the world: Carlos Almansa, cofounder of Nexus, will explain the differences between the situation in Spain and the speed at which the phenomena moves  in different parts of the world.

– Local environment, strategies and alliances: Diego Tomás, cofounder of PBC Coworking, will present the important agents to achieve impact in the local environment. Ways of interaction and objectives.

– To close a deal: Nerea Guinea, owner of Coworking Co&Art, closed her business last year. She will share her personal experience, the main causes that provoked it and what to do next.

– A public coworking space that works and has social impact: Miriam Moreno, expert in models of changing, and Carles López, director in Crec Coworking, will explain the main objectives and operation of these collaborative coworking spaces.

– How to sell a coworking space to a company: Rafa de Ramón, founder of Utopic_Us, will expose how the world changes and has to be adapted to new reality. How a company and a coworking can work together.

– How to make a team grow: África Rodríguez, cofounder of Arroelo space will explain how to build a dreamy team upon trust.

– 10 legal concepts that you should never forget when running a coworking space: Laia Benaiges, Maica Cabello and Mónica Sánchez, founders of LECO legal consulting, will put on the table the legal aspects that are involved in this business and that are necessary to fulfill current legislation in Spain.

– Coworking vs Business center: Chus Prol, manager in Doutroxeito Coworking, and Eduardo Salsamendi, founder of Klammer Business Centers, will talk about the development in both industries.

– Management of small spaces: Alberto Pérez-Sola, cofounder of workINcompany will show how to manage a small-medium spaces keeping low prizes through the ingenuity.

– Digital nomads, the global phenomena that changes local environments: Jaime Aranda, adviser and event organizer, will explain this concept.

– 20 things not to do in a coworking space: Miguel Ángel Calero, manager of de CoSfera will be in charge of advising on the main problems.

–  3 creative ways of monetizing a space: Javier Mora, founder of Fangaloka Innovation & Talent, will speak about 3 creative strategies to capitalize a coworking space.

This conference will be followed up with the hashtad #CwSC en Twitter e Instagram.

For more information, check out the website of Coworking Spain Conference !


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