#YoungBiz – Design a game for YETI

Ever played Monopoly and thought you could do a better job?

We want to make a game for teams or individuals which will provide a learning experience bringing together the skills you can learn through the YETI project modules.

Aim – start up an imaginary business

You could win the game by making the highest profit, by sustaining the business for a certain time, by eliminating competition, by forming stable supply chains, by collaborating with others etc.

The idea is to make the training fun and interactive and relevant to young people. It should be playable at several levels and it must link to the YETI learning modules. It will give ‘Beginners’ (such as those young people who are thinking about self employment) a taste of the entrepreneurial process. At a harder level it should be useful to those who are starting or running a business to hone their skills.

The game can have printable elements like cards, score sheets or a board, it could have web based elements like a question bank. We can hide clues around the site or you could create an online treasure hunt. You could incorporate interaction with other players via social media.

It could be a card game, a board game, a quiz, a fantasy business league, whatever you can imagine so long as it’s fun.

We want your ideas, your input, it doesn’t have to be a complete game, all ideas are good ideas! The best ones will be showcased on the YETI site and the best ideas will be incorporated into the final games and made available for everyone to play.

Please complete the form here to participate.


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