Overview – Greece

Summary of situation in Greece

  1. Encouraging youth entrepreneurship happens mostly through events, volunteering, organizations, programs and personal interest. 
  2.  University cooperation is either small or very big, it depends on the university’s facilities and professors.
  3. Incubators and seed finance: Incubators should be working as accelerators, not just as spaces. There are many startups today, but few are worthy. Too much talk, too little work. Incubators should be able to see potential in a startup and offer added value.
  4. Innovative training methods: They are so important. Mostly, you split up in teams and work with your team. You learn so much. But, there’s no long lasting connection.
  5. Promoting startup communities: Events, contests, communities, media. But this is only for startups at early stages. There has to become something much more mature.
  6. Startup networks and fundraising: It’s useful for new startuppers, usually works in teams and it isn’t quite big yet. It’s more about image-making and no serious work is done. Conerning fundraising, the target group lacks of education. Many startups go after fundraising, instead of their goal. Few got to somewhere because of a good fund.

Co-working spaces: Definitely needed. There are a lot. Some are good, some too small. Main problem is they are too expensive. They don’t help as much as an incubator but they put you in an early stage startup mode. You realize the meaning of the greek startup community. 

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