Cherith joined the YETI team in Lille where she attended Ambassador training as well as jumping straight in at the deep end and working directly with aspiring entrepreneurs, working on and testing out the YETI teaching materials.
“I actually started yoga a few years ago as a balance to my intense gym routine and hectic/busy life. It was an hour and a half I could take out each week to just be slow. Used to rushing about and feeling like it wasn’t really exercise if I wasn’t super sweaty, I initially found it really difficult. But I soon fell in love with the feeling of calm it gave me, and it was the perfect way to start my week.

I started to explore yoga even more, and then as part of travelling I went India to learn to be a teacher. I always knew I had a business in me, and even as I small child I would sell sweets to the other children in my neighbourhood, but it was a case of finding the what. After starting teaching freelance just over a year ago, I can honestly say that there is nothing else in my life that I would rather do. Mostly for me, it is seeing people progress and helping my students work towards their goals, all of which are completely different. Since, I have set up my own yoga company and our yogi family has been slowly blossoming ever since and I aim to open a studio in Cardiff within the next 6 months.”

Her website is or catch her yoga poses and inspiration on Instagram


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