Co-working spaces

The road of entrepreneurship is a lonely walk. Ethical problems, know-how problems, complicated decisions that you hadn’t needed to make up until now, sadness, disappointment, unlimited hours in front of a laptops screen and insomnia nights! So, what would happen if there where some places where you could find help to get over many of … Read more

Co-working spaces in Greece

Reposted from Startus, written by Demetrios Pogkas Coworking spaces are offering cheaper alternatives to offices for bootstrapping startups. But while the economic crisis has made renting an office in downtown Athens much more affordable, coworking spaces are offering extra value alongside space and accompanying services: the network of people and connections inside the community. Coworking … Read more

Choosing the right business partners

Blog post by Keiran McGaughey, co-founder of Like An Egg Productions Ltd.   October 2015.  Credit: Cardiff Met Centre for Entrepreneurship @cardiffmetent I still remember the grimace the business advisor made the moment I brought up starting a business with two other people. He didn’t fill me with confidence and hinted that it was perhaps not … Read more

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