The new startup incubator of FACEBOOK in the world’s largest startup campus

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced that the tech giant will be opening “Startup Garage” in Paris’s Station F, the only startup campus gathering a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. Station F is announcing the early opening this 2017 and is around 34,000 sq meters big. This campus counts with more than 3000 … Read more


  What does the concept Fintech mean? Finance + Technology. It is the union of both concepts that brings together all financial services companies that use last technologies to offer innovative financial products and services. Traditional sector of finance is becoming obsolete and this situation is strengthening the Fintech companies exponentially. They are changing the … Read more

Founder of GloVo speaks up about Incubators and seed finance

Incubators: “A business incubator in business speak is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.” Seed Finance: “Seed money, sometimes known as seed funding or seed capital, is a form of securities offering in which an investor invests capital in exchange for an equity stake in the company.” As on organisation (GloVo) we grew up through … Read more

Incubators and seed finance in Greece

Reposted from Startus, written by Demetrios Pogkas Although in Athens there are only a couple of incubators that offer funding to hosting companies (a typical standard in other startup ecosystems), there are a lot of incubation and acceleration programs here. They offer office space, mentors and guidance, services, educational programs and other perks, saving a … Read more

Choosing the right business partners

Blog post by Keiran McGaughey, co-founder of Like An Egg Productions Ltd.   October 2015.  Credit: Cardiff Met Centre for Entrepreneurship @cardiffmetent I still remember the grimace the business advisor made the moment I brought up starting a business with two other people. He didn’t fill me with confidence and hinted that it was perhaps not … Read more

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