Hackers/Founders, the network around the world

The Co-op is an accelerator run by Hackers/Founders, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world with over 200,000 members in 47 countries. The accelerator is a tight-knit cooperative, where concierge services are provided in exchange for equity, and where founders help each other and elect each other to the program. H/F Portfolio companies currently … Read more

IVF – An institution that ensures financial access to Valencian local entrepreneurs

When we talk about money, investment and fundraising for entrepreneurs, lots of different possibilities arise in our minds: credits by banks, crowfunding, public funds, grants, university financial programs,… Obviously, the private sector here is important, but initiatives under the public sector let us see how government is involved and cares about entrepreneurship. Here we want … Read more

Startup networks & fundraising

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people working together. ” Imagine the power and the connections of one, multiplied by the number of the startups he’s in contact with! Boom! There’s a reason why networking has become such a crucial part of the startup life. But this is … Read more

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